New Varia Issue | DevPol 6.2 | 2015

1re_couv_edevpol_2015_62_1The first section focuses on major development policy issues and presents original, peer-reviewed articles dealing with aid, trade, finance, human rights as well as social and environmental issues.

The policy debate section presents an initial discussion paper written either by a scholar or a policy-maker, followed by critical reactions from academics, reflective practitioners and other stakeholders in a constructive spirit. The debates can be followed here on the eJournal’s blog where you are invited to share your reflections under your name.


Christophe BELLMANN and Alice V. TIPPING
The Role of Trade and Trade Policy in Advancing the 2030 Development Agenda

The Impact of the West Bank Wall on the Palestinian Labour Market

Policy Debates

Miloon KOTHARI and Patricia VASQUEZ
Policy Debate | The UN Guidelines on Forced Evictions : A Useful Soft-Law Instrument?

Monica RULL and Ilona KICKBUSCH
Policy Debate | International Responses to Global Epidemics: Ebola and Beyond

Inge KAUL, Robin DAVIES, Robert GLASSER, Michael GERBER and Luca ETTER
Policy Debate | Financing the SDGs: Global vs Local Public Goods


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