TV Interview SABC News | Prof Julia Buxton discusses the war on drug usage in South Africa

SABC News, South Africa | The last five years have seen major changes and intense debates on drug policies in South Africa. These include the decriminalisation of cannabis use through a Constitutional Court judgement. But many say locally, drug-war rhetoric still dominates with the justice system accused of over-using arrests and detentions to tackle drug use, which is essentially a social and public health problem. To explore this topic further, I’m joined via Zoom by British Academy Global Professor in Criminology at the University of Manchester, Prof. Julia Buxton.

Read the online issue in Open Access: Julia Buxton, Mary Chinery-Hesse and Khalid Tinasti (eds.) (2020) Drug Policies and Development, Conflict and Coexistence, International Development Policy series No.12 (Geneva, Boston: Graduate Institute Publications, Brill-Nijhoff).

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