Special Issue 9 | ‘Alternative Pathways to Sustainable Development – Lessons from Latin America’

Focusing on the resource-rich Andean region, this issue of International Development Policy examines development experiences and outcomes in countries that display not only exceptionally varied political constellations, but also radically different developmental narratives and strategies. The contributions to this issue are organised into three sections. The first group of articles examines Latin American development alternatives, tracing their origins, trajectories and influences. The second part considers development policies and outcomes, factoring the role of multilateral development banks and that of China into the equation. Finally, the third section examines legal, regulatory and social issues in relation to extractive industries and the rights of indigenous populations. The chapters in this section also address the high levels of armed violence that plague the continent as well as the role of civil society.

Paperback reference: G. Carbonnier, G., H. Campodónico, and S. Tezanos Vázquez (eds) (2017) Alternative Pathways to Sustainable Development: Lessons from Latin America, International Development Policy series No.9 (Geneva, Boston: Graduate Institute Publications, Brill-Nijhoff), 338p. Order your copy on Brill-Nijhoff’s website.

Read the Special Issue online and find many chapters in Spanish at https://journals.openedition.org/poldev/2333

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DevPol Journal (2017, 20 octobre). Special Issue 9 | ‘Alternative Pathways to Sustainable Development – Lessons from Latin America’ Policy Debate. Consulté le 20 avril 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/njwu

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